“Wonderful Quick Lunch”
5 of 5 stars Reviewed September 18, 2015

This was one of my absolute favorite spots on the boardwalk. I love pretzels, so being able to stuff them with a variety of fillings seemed like a great quick lunch option for me. We enjoyed these many times on our trip.
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5.0 star rating 6/29/2015
One of my favorite places on the boardwalk! Love their vegetarian options & the crab cake is delicious! Always my first stop while in OC
5.0 star rating 6/21/2015
Wow a stuffed pretzel wrap and it's good too! I was skeptical on how good it would be but let me tell you we have a winner. I tried two types the chicken and cheese and the philly cheese steak. My favorite was the chicken and cheese. It was so good I decided to buy 2. The spot is right on the boardwalk close to the Ripley's believe it or not spot. They are a bit overpriced but is not too horrible. I honestly do not care how much it costs I will still get it.

They are open late to so great to come here after a night of exploring and drinking.
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4.0 star rating 10/23/2015

Very friendly. We were offered samples so we could decide which delicious bundle to eat. We decided on the chicken and cheese and the mild Italian... both are delicious. Great for a quick snack while walking on the boards.
“Wow something different !”
5 of 5 stars Reviewed May 10, 2016

I was so happy to find this place . I really like soft pretzels and we found this place and i fell in love with it . it is on the Board walk and it is different.
They have all different fillings and you can create any flavor or combine fillings and make your own creation or have any that are already made .
First i tried the owners new creation of a chocolate brownie pretzel and it was so good and yummy if you love chocolate. Then the next day i tried a crab and cheese and oh man it was so full of crab and the price is not that bad at all . My husband had a pepporoni and cheese one and he said wow they were good.
So the last day we were there we had another one and i had a seafood medley and I added cheese and it was good . My husband had a hotdog and cheese and then I said i wanted a dessert one to spit and we got a choc and sweet cream and strawberry on and oh my was that ever good . I can't wait to go back next yr for another round . If you get a chance and like soft pretzels really give these a try . You will not go wrong!
306 S Atlantic Ave • Ocean City, MD • 21842
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What's Inside YOUR Pretzel?
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