What is a Wrapper?

The Short Answer
A Wrapper is soft fresh pretzel dough, completely filled with your favorite fillings, brushed lightly with sweet butter
and served hot and ready to eat.
The Complete Answer
We start with our own freshly made pretzel dough, roll it flat and then pile on some of the more than 70 different ingredients
we offer. We then wrap up the fillings inside the dough.  The result is about the size and shape of a hot dog but looks more
like an eggroll because the fillings are completely encased in pretzel dough. We sprinkle the top with pretzel salt, bake the
Wrapper then brush the outside with sweet cream butter. When you visit us you can choose from any of our standard
ingredient combinations or we can customize a Wrapper the way YOU want it.

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What's Inside YOUR Pretzel?
What's Inside YOUR Pretzel?
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