Frequently Asked Questions

 Can Wrappers be frozen?
Absolutely!  We’ll even be happy to freeze them for you if you give us 24 hours' notice!  We usually have a some Chicken and Cheese Wrappers frozen and available for immediate purchase!  See the transportation, freezing and reheating information.

How are Wrappers priced?
Wrapper prices vary depending on the type and number of fillings. Generally, the first 2 fillings (usually a meat and a cheese) are incuded in the $4.69 base price. Additional fillings are usually about $.70 apiece. Some ingredients like crab and steak cost slightly more.

Are there Vegan Wrappers?
We have a variety of vegan Wrappers that we can prepare on request.  Be sure to let us know you are Vegan so that we do not brush butter on top.

Do you use real crab?
Yes, we never use pollock or other crab substitutes.  In season we use fresh Chesapeake Bay blue crab.  In the early spring and late fall we use pasteurized crab, but it is ALWAYS real crab!

Why are the dessert Wrappers rarely ready for purchase when I arrive?
The dessert Wrappers tend to age faster than other Wrappers.  We like to prepare them to order to ensure their quality.

Can I order custom Wrappers by phone so that they are ready when I arrive?
Sure!  Give us a call and let us know when to have them ready for pickup and we'll do our best to make sure they are hot and ready  for you.

Does The Wrapper do catering?
Yes, we do!  We have catered weddings and private parties!  We can make full size or cocktail size Wrappers for you.  Ask to speak to a manager and we’ll be happy to work with you to make it a special treat!

I want to bring some home but it’s a bit of a trip.  Will the Wrappers survive the trip safely?
It depends on how you choose to transport them.  See the Transportation, Freezing and Reheating information for details

Are there Gluten free Wrappers?
No.  In fact, pretzel dough is very high in gluten!  If you suffer from Celiac disease or are simply trying to avoid gluten then The Wrapper is not for you!

Can Wrappers be purchased uncooked?
No.  Wrappers are made from soft fresh pretzel dough and pretzel dough contains yeast.  If we were to try to sell them uncooked, the dough would continue to rise and the dough is likely to sour before you could cook them.