"Have been going here for years"


I can remember when the Wrapper opened and how unique it was for it's time . These are various meats, etc wrapped in pretzel dough and baked as pretzels. Our personal favorites are chicken bacon cheese, chicken cheese old bay, Philly cheese steak and I could go on and on. You don't see it, they will make you whatever combo you want. Bite into them, and the cheese just drops out. Always white chicken, juicy but cooked throughly. They may have as many as 20 varieties available at one time. We have tried many of them and like some more than others. But... there is something for everyone.

 by Grumpyone88 for Ocean City

September 14, 2017 

5/5 Stars


 "One of my Favorite snacks on the boardwalk! Never disappoints."

-Lindsay Joyce Hawkins

"Filled with Surprises"


Looks like any other restaurant on the boardwalk but it's filled with surprises. Specifically filled pretzels.  

This place is a must whenever I come to OC. Theses are one of kind pretzels filled with favorites like mac n cheese, buffalo chicken, cheesesteak, falafel, crab and cheese and a bajillion more. My go to absolute favorite that I specifically come to the boardwalk for is the Seafood medley pretzel.

The seafood medley pretzel has crab, lobster, shrimp and scallop in it along with a light creamy sauce. This is encased in a pretzel layer that's lightly salted and buttered. Ugh perfection. I definitely recommend all seafood lovers to try this.

5 stars from me just because of this one pretzel. I will come back! I have to for the seafoody goodness in every bite."

-Sendy T.